Vision & Mission


Attain a safe, secure and efficient regional aviation industry.


To develop, promote and coordinate implementation of sustainable civil aviation safety and security oversight systems in the Partner States.


  1. Integrity:
    We will uphold the standards of ethics and integrity and endeavour to be transparent and accountable in all our actions at all times.
  2. Professionalism:
    We will endeavour to be competent and skilled in all what we do at CASSOA in the pursuit of positive results.
  3. Respect:
    CASSOA staff and Partner States CAA personnel will show respect for each other and for the aviation industry stakeholders and the public. Discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, or economic/social status should be avoided.
  4. Teamwork:
    Aviation, more than any other domain, requires cooperation between many different stakeholders. Teamwork is, and must remain, a characteristic of the relationship among members of the Agency, the aviation industry, the Partner States and other stakeholders. Staff should work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organisational goals; be flexible in team role, rank team success higher than personal competitiveness, support and act in accordance with final group decision.