Primary Civil Aviation Legislation development

11 March, 2019. EAC CASSOA is hosting a working group meeting from 11th to 15th March 2019 tasked to review and finalize the draft primary civil aviation legislation. The team comprises of FSS Experts, Legal experts, draft person and aircraft accident and incident investigators.   (more…)


Examination pool of expert meeting concludes in Dar es salaam.

1st March, 2019. Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority hosted a team of experts in Dar es salaam – Tanzania for a two weeks meeting. The meeting was organized by EAC CASSOA with experts from member states in attendance. The team was tasked to review; automatic validation of PEL Project, ATC, FCL and AMEL questions, ATC syllabus and input from EASA, B1/B2 licensing system and also among others upload reviewed questions into EAC examination system. (more…)


Notice of the 45th EAC-CASSOA Board Meeting

8th January, 2019. Notice is hereby given of the Forty-Fifth Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency (CASSOA) Board Meeting to be held on Thursday, 7th and Friday, 8th February 2019 in Entebbe, Uganda.



Notice of the 44th EAC-CASSOA Board Meeting

13th November, 2018. Notice is hereby given of the Forty-Fourth East African Community Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency (EAC-CASSOA) Board Meeting to be held on Thursday, 15th and Friday, 16th November 2018 in Entebbe, Uganda.



Emile Nguza Arao

EAC Council of Ministers appoints new CASSOA Executive Director

20th October 2018. The 37th Extra Ordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers held in Arusha via video conference appointed Mr Emile Nguza Arao as the Executive Director of the Agency. Mr Arao was the Deputy Executive Director (Technical)  at EAC CASSOA. (more…)


CAA Inspectors get FAA Surveillance Training

17th October 2018. EAC CASSOA and Federal Aviation Administration organized a seven days Surveillance Training in Entebbe – Uganda. The training was attended by Inspectors from Civil Aviation Authorities in the region. Mr Carlos Agueda and Gary Ask from FAA Academy were the Instructors for this Training. (more…)


Tanzania to receive ICAO Council Presidential Award

Tanzania is among the eight countries which have been recognised to receive the international Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) – Council Presidential award for outstanding performance of the Universal Safety Oversight Audits Programme USOAP took place in 2017, whereby the country performance raised from 37.8 percent of 2013 audit to 64.35 percent (more…)


Meeting to review and amend aircraft accident and incident investigation regulations concludes in Entebbe

31st August 2017. The meeting of the Joint Draft Persons, Safety Management, Aircraft Accident Investigation and Legal Experts was held to review stakeholder’s comments and finalise amendments to the EAC Model Civil Aviation (Safety Management) Regulations and EAC Model Civil Aviation (Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation) Regulations. (more…)


EAC UFIR Project Team, AN Regulators, Drafters and Legal Experts Meet in CASSOA HQ.

20th August 2018. A joint EAC working group meeting to review the Manual of air navigation services operations (Air Traffic Management and Communication, Navigation and Surveillance) in order to incorporate EAC UFIR seamless operation took place in Entebbe, Uganda. The meeting was attended by EAC UFIR (Upper Flight Information Region) Project team, Air Navigation Regulators, Draftspersons and Legal experts. (more…)